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As athletic training students, you are representing Central Connecticut State University and the Athletic Training Program. When representing the athletic training program you will have only one opportunity to make a "First Impression". Clothing such as sweatshirts, jackets, and baseball caps must represent this university. Attire that promotes other programs will not be allowed. As a health care professional personal hygiene and professional appearance is a positive trait. The following policy will be adhered to at all times while a student is representing the Athletic Training Program.

Appropriate Attire:

CCSU Athletic Training Shirt - Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
Slacks - Navy Blue or Khaki (Tan) “Docker Style”
Shorts - Navy Blue or Khaki (Tan) “Docker Style”
Turtle Necks (navy blue or white) may be worn under the Athletic Training Shirt

Safety & Other Supplies

Scissors *
Holster *
Pen *                                           * Required at all times
Notepad *
Pocket Mask *
Drivers License *

Inappropriate Attire:

Torn Clothing Sweat Shirts
Sweat Pants Caps or Hats in the athletic training facility
Wind Pants Sandals
Cut-off Jeans Multi-pocketed shorts or pants
Gym Shorts Pants made of denim or corduroy materials
Pants with large floppy pockets Construction or Hiking Boots
Platform style Shoes Wide (flare) bottomed pants
Pants or shorts with rivets Pant legs with slitted or torn cuffs
T-shirt with lettering showing through white athletic training shirts
Wrinkled clothing

Any other clothing or fashion statement that is determined by the athletic training staff to be   unprofessional or risqué will be prohibited.  Athletic Training student's will immediately be asked to go change into acceptable attire.


Appropriate Attire:

Athletic Training Staff Shirt
Navy Blue or Khaki (Tan) “Docker Style” Pants
Athletic shoes
Rain Suits or CCSU Athletic Training Sweat Shirts as dictated by the weather.

Note:  When more than one athletic trainer is assigned to the sport, uniforms are to be coordinated.

Inappropriate Attire:  Blue Jeans or corduroy pants, sloppy, torn, baggy pants

POOR WEATHER CONDITIONS:  The athletic training student must be prepared for the various weather conditions and dress appropriately.  Inadequate and poor selection of clothing often prevents the student from performing their duties properly.  Students who fail to dress properly will be asked to go home.


All outdoor clothing must be cared for properly.  The clothing is to be used by members of the athletic training program only and is not to be given to athletes or coaches.  All clothing is to be returned immediately to the closet upon return from practice or competition.  Place the jackets in the closet with the numbers facing out and keep in numerical order.  The use of the clothing is a privilege and that privilege will be revoked for the entire staff should the clothing be damaged, misplaced or stole. Gortex jackets and pants are to be used only when raining or when rain is anticipated. The gortex suits are expensive and not to be used as wind gear.  All jackets must either be worn by the athletic training student or placed in the blue bag until needed.  Athletic training outerwear is not to be left out in the open on benches, in the bleachers or in the back of the gators.


Students are expected to wear dress clothes at indoor events. Attire must be professional in taste, in other words be “acceptable for an job interview”.   Exceptions to this rule are:  Volleyball Tournaments, Indoor Track and Swimming Events.  Athletic Training shirts and pants are acceptable for Volleyball Tournaments and Indoor Track.  Athletic Training shirt and shorts are acceptable for Swimming Events.

Appropriate Attire for MALES Appropriate Attire for FEMALES  
Dress Shirt Dress Blouse
Standard Neck Tie Dress Slacks
Sport coat or sweater Dress Skirt (no mini skirts)
Dress Slacks Low Heel Dress Shoes
Dress Shoes  


Travel attire is the same as attire dictated by the team coach.  In instances where coaches have no dress policy, the student is expected to follow the athletic training facility policy, which is to dress professionally.

Under no circumstances are the following to be worn while traveling:

  • Jeans, including any sloppy, Baggy or too restrictive pants

  • Sneakers or construction boots

  • Miniskirts

  • T-shirts

  • Sweatshirts

  • Sweat suits

  • Clothing that is too risqué is unacceptable

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