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Athletes must:

  1. Leave all electronic devices, athletic equipment, books, and coats outside the athletic training facility.

  2. Place sneakers in the hallway and enter the athletic training facility in their socks, no bare feet.

  3. Never wear cleats or turf shoes in the athletic training facility or in the building.

  4. Sign-in for all visits

  5. Be dressed in issued CCSU athletic department attire.

  6. Refrain from using immature/offensive language.

  7. Be encouraged to use morning hours for treatment and rehabilitation.  Appointments should be encouraged.

  8. Shower before receiving post practice treatment or evaluation.

  9. Not be taped at practice/game fields.

  10. Not be kept in the athletic training facility during practice times for treatment unless given permission by Coach.

  11. Be signed out for special devices and protective equipment.

  12. Return and exchange elastic bandages and ankle wraps daily.


  1. Report to Athletic Training Facility on time.

  2. Check with ATC for work to be done.

  3. Be aware of practices/games going on each day.

  4. Help to prepare for coverage - do not wait to be told what to do.

  5. Be aware of equipment necessary for each team.

  6. Assist in rehabilitation of athletes - record their program daily.

  7. Record all treatments.

  8. Check:  Supplies in cabinets, ice-massage cups, wet elastic wraps, whirlpools for proper temperature and cleanliness.


  1. Change the daily treatment sheet.  Place the used one in the file cabinet (third drawer down) last file folder.

  2. Fill the whirlpools and add the whirlpool solution.

  3. Take laundry to cage if necessary.

  4. Check the ice machine for wet ace bandages.

  5. Check all supplies and refill as necessary.

  6. Check all forms used daily - if low in number make copies.

  7. Unlock file cabinets.


  1. Sweep floor.

  2. Wipe counters, taping tables, rehabilitation tables with disinfectant.

  3. Re-stock cabinets and counter top items - Please do not overfill.

  4. Clean and refill whirlpools as needed.

  5. Check to see that all supplies used are in their appropriate place both in the athletic training facility and in the storage closet. 

NOTE: Please remember that the supplies in the closet are located according to an inventory list.  When items are placed improperly the inventory is jeopardized.  If you are uncertain as to where an item belongs, please ask.  If you put something away and it's the only one on the shelf chances are very good that you have put it back in the wrong place.


  1. Straighten out and fill cabinets with the appropriate amount of supplies.

  2. Lock closet - check all exterior doors and swimming pool door.

  3. Wash with proper disinfectants: counter top, treatment tables, taping tables, stools,  c-v equipment

  4. Wash whirlpools and towel dry

  5. Fill hydrocollator unit

  6. Fill counter supplies to appropriate level.

  7. Empty ice bags in the ice machine and place wet wraps into one bag

  8. Wash and dry all sinks

  9. Take dirty towels and wraps to equipment room.  Replace towel bag.

  10. Put clean towels in the drawers.

  11. Turn off all modalities and place all EMS terminals away neatly.

  12. Check Ice massage cups

  13. Shut off:  Radio, computers, c-v equipment, lights

  14. Check to see filing cabinets are locked.

  15. State vehicles and Gators parked in appropriate area and keys returned to hook in closet.


  • The keys to the Athletic Training Facility are to be signed out on a daily basis

  • All doors to the Athletic Training Facility must be locked when you leave the facility (even momentarily to load the vehicles or to meet with a coach).

  • Athletes must not be left in the athletic training facility without supervision from a member of the athletic training staff.

  • If you need to get into the Athletic Training Facility and the doors are locked - you need to immediately call an ATC.

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