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The following are general procedures to be followed by the athletic training student.  Each student will be provided with a copy of CCSU's athletic training “standing orders”, which are detailed procedures that reflect the standard of care that must followed by the athletic training staff, including athletic training students.

Minor Injuries: Cuts, scratches, abrasions, etc.
  1. Follow universal precautions*

  2. Administer first aid using proper sterile techniques to prevent transmission of blood related diseases.

  3. Record injury in daily injury log

  4. Recheck after showering.

  5. Provide overnight and next day follow-up instructions.

*NOTE:  Please refer to blood borne pathogen policy statement and follow procedures as indicated.

Minor-Moderate Injuries: Sprains, Strains, Contusions, Dizziness, etc.
  1. Administer first aid.

  2. Evaluation of minor sprains, strains, etc., treated at game or practice site.

  3. More severe sprains, strains, etc., protect and transport to the athletic training facility

  4. Record injury

  5. Discuss injury management with supervising ATC

  6. Provide overnight and next day follow-up instructions.

Serious Injuries: Fractures, Dislocations, Head Injuries, Internal Injuries, etc.


  2. Administer first aid.

  3. As directed by ATC Activate 911

  4. Stabilize athlete.

  5. Gather medical information if available and insurance information form

  6. Athletic Training student will remain with the injured athlete during transportation to NBHG.

  7. Record injury.

  8. Call head athletic trainer to report injury.

Note:  For Intramural Sports, Physical Education, Recreational Activities render first aid, record injury and refer to Health Service/NBGH if injury is minor to moderate in nature. If injury is serious follow Emergency Plan.

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