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All injuries/illnesses that require the attention of the athletic training staff must be properly recorded on the team injury log sheet. Also, MD referrals (appointments), diagnostic test appointments, diagnostic test results, MD diagnosis, including referrals to health service must be logged promptly. Athletic training students must have the documentation signed off by an ATC immediately after recording the injury. An” initial injury” form must also be completed giving detailed information regarding the history, evaluation and treatment plan.  The athletic training student who conducts the evaluation should complete the initial injury form immediately, with consultation with an ATC regarding the evaluation findings and complete the necessary documentation for ATC signature.

  1. All injuries/illnesses must be recorded on proper team injury log (immediately post practice or game).

  2. All injuries must have an “initial injury” evaluation form completed.

  3. Intramural, Physical Education and Recreational injuries are recorded on a specific sheet - sheet labeled  “Miscellaneous”. No initial injury form is required for non-athletes

  4.  Be sure ATC has been consulted with for all injuries recorded.

  5. Instruct athlete to report to Athletic Training Facility the next morning for re-evaluation, treatments or referral.

  6. Non- athletes should be advised to make an appointment with Health Services x 21925.

  7. Athletic training students who believe that an athlete should be medically referred must consult with ATC prior to suggesting medical referral to the athlete.

  8. Referral for x-rays may be made only by the ATC.  In instances where ATC is not present, such as an away game, the athletic training student who is functioning as a first responder may make appropriate referral, but should notify the ATC as soon as possible.

REMINDER:  Athletic training students must consult with the ATC before giving a “clinical impression” of the injury to the athlete. At no time should an athletic training student give the athlete a “diagnosis” of an injury. 

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