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The availability of medications to CCSU student-athletes by the athletic training staff is strictly limited to over the counter medications. The athletic training staff provides starter dosages only.  They will not supply medications on a regular basis or for extended periods of time. Coaches should refrain from directly distributing over the counter medications to student-athletes. 

Under no circumstances is any member of the athletic training staff or coaching staff permitted to distribute prescription medications to student-athletes.  All prescription medication that is provided to the student athlete is distributed directly by either the team physician or university physician. 

The present policy for administering over the counter medication states:  “medications are not to be given to anyone in the athletic training room unless a certified athletic trainer either issues them or instructs an athletic training student to do so”.  This applies to all over the counter medications including antacids, electrolyte tablets and throat lozenges.

It is the policy of the athletic training program to:

  1. Record the distribution of all medication given to anyone (athletes, coaches, or staff) in the athletic training room on the “MEDICATION LIST” which can be found on the steel cabinet pull out tray. 

  2. Not distribute aspirin or advise athletes who may have suffered a possible concussion to take aspirin. 

  3. To advise student-athletes who participate in collision sports to NOT use aspirin during the season (student-athlete handbook).

  4. Not distribute pain relief medications to student-athletes prior to practice or competition.

  5. Provide student-athletes with starter dosages for over the counter medications and then recommend that the student-athlete schedule an appointment with health services for evaluation of their symptoms.

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