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The use of a state vehicle is a privilege and it also requires the student to be a safe and responsible driver.  Remember that when you are driving a state vehicle you are in a marked vehicle and you expected to operate the vehicle with safety in mind.  Please drive vehicles on paved roads only.  Do not go on sidewalks, grass areas, or the athletic fields with a vehicle.  All passengers in state vehicles must wear their seat belt.  Please note that it is not advisable for an athletic trainer to use their personal vehicle for transporting CCSU athletes.

If you are involved in an accident, whether it be an accident that involves another vehicle or just a “fender bender” with an object, you must report the incidence to the head athletic trainer immediately.  Proper paper work must be filled out and filed within 48 hours. 

Remember that the state vehicle requires fuel in order to operate.  Please be considerate of others and monitor the gas level.  If fuel is needed, gas is available at EAST Hall from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday.    The pumps at East Hall operate by using the black special key attached to the key ring. If East Hall is closed, a MOBIL credit card is available from the equipment room.

All members of the Athletic Training Staff must have a copy of a valid driver's license on file and submit to a driving history background check conducted by campus police.  Upon review, the student will be approved to drive state vehicles assigned to the athletic training department. Athletic training students must bring their license to work daily in order to drive a state vehicle.

The state vehicles assigned to the athletic training program are to be parked on the second floor of the parking garage near the library. Please use the designated parking spaces for state vehicles located in the first row.  Always back the vehicles into the parking space. Make sure all interior lights have been turned off and lock all doors.  Daily mileage must be recorded properly in the notebook at the end of the day.

These vehicles are our responsibilities: driving, maintenance, and safe use.  They are assigned solely to the athletic training facility.  It cannot be stressed enough the importance of the entire staff in caring for the vehicles.  All it takes is for one member of the staff to be careless and/or thoughtless.  Please drive on paved areas only – sidewalks and driveways.  Do not drive over lawns or other grass areas. Below please find some general rules to follow.

General Rules:

  • Do not leave keys in the ignition of the gator - this prevents moisture from entering the ignition

  • Do not give any athletes a ride or allow them to drive the gator

  • You may transport an injured athlete in the gator

  • Do not place your feet on any of the painted surfaces (fenders or hoods) of the gator

  • Do not rub the dirt or dust into the paint when dirty - this scratches the paint

  • Obey all traffic rules - pedestrians have the right of way - please stay back 10 feet when following  pedestrians

  • Do not drive the gator on the main roads with the cars

  • Avoid driving the gator on to the athletic fields - stay along the perimeters, unless to pick up on injured athlete

Cold Starting

  • Choke is located on the drivers left hand side of the seat

  • Pull choke out, turn key to start engine

  • As engine warms, push choke back in


  • At night the gators are to be parked inside.  Please be very careful when driving through the doorways.  The clearance is less then one inch on both sides.  If you feel that you cannot drive through the doors without hitting the gators, then PLEASE ASK SOME ONE TO HELP YOU.

  • During the day the gators can be parked on the side of Kaiser - Marietta Drive


  • Fuel indicator is located under the drivers seat

  • Please fill up when fuel level is at ¼ full

  • Gator uses regular unleaded gasoline

  • Go to EAST Hall - gas pumps, use special key to activate the pumps.


The keys to the gators will be located in the closet with the suburban keys.  Please be responsible about returning the keys to this location (not in your pockets).


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