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  1. All athletes must be dressed in gym style shorts & T-shirt to be taped.

  2. No student/athlete is to be taped unless the athlete adheres to a normal rehabilitation program.

  3. Athletes should be (or have been) evaluated for specific injury before being taped.

  4. No student or student/athlete is to be taped for club sports, intramural and/or recreational activities.

  5. Out-of-season athletes should be encouraged to be on a regular rehabilitation program (3 times per week) in order to be taped.

  6. Athletes are to be taped and wrapped in the athletic training facility prior to practice session.

  7. DO NOT tape or wrap athletes at the practice sites - gym and playing fields. Athletic trainers who do not follow this practice make it more difficult for the athletic trainers who adhere to this policy.

  8. Athletes obviously may be taped at the practice site after sustaining an injury.


  1. Athletes who are being evaluated for an injury post practice are required to shower and dress in clean gym shorts, which may obtain from the equipment room.

  2. When evaluating athletes in the athletic training facility, the athlete must be dressed appropriately for the evaluation to be performed properly. All athletes must be dressed in gym style shorts & T-shirt.

  3. Athletic training students are encouraged to begin an evaluation of the injured athlete.

  4. Upon conclusion of the athletic training students evaluation, they are to consult with the ATC prior to giving a “clinical impression” to the athlete or coach.

  5. Any evaluation of an injured athlete by a certified athletic trainer that is observed by an athletic training student is to be considered confidential.  The evaluation is never to be discussed with the athlete, athlete's parents, or coaches by the student athletic trainer.

  6. All female athletes must have a T-shirt or tank top on while receiving evaluation or treatment.  Please refrain from having female athletes from being evaluated or treated in their sport bras.

  7. Athletic training students must use good discretion when asking an athlete to remove clothing during an evaluation, as well as when palpating, taping, or when treating with a modality areas that are considered to be sensitive i.e. groin.  At times, it may be advisable to ask a certified athletic trainer to observe the situation.

  8. All initial evaluation must be recorded on the long team injury sheet immediately and initialed by an ATC.


  1. Athletes must be dressed properly when reporting for treatments - do not treat athletes in dress clothing. All athletes must be dressed in gym style shorts & T-shirt.

  2. Athletes must sign-in and should be taught to retrieve their rehabilitation chart from the file drawer.

  3. Treatments for athletes often require 30 - 45 minutes and athletes need to be instructed to report on time.

  4. All treatments must be recorded on the athletes SOAP notes daily.

  5. Athletes should be encouraged to come in daily for acute injuries.

  6. No rehabilitation should take place 15 minutes prior to practice time.

  7. Out of season athletes must not be scheduled for rehabilitation or treatments between the hours of 2:00-4:00 PM.

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