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As members of the athletic training staff at Central Connecticut State University there will be times when you will be exposed to confidential and privileged information.  At no time should you discuss information in which you obtained as a member of the athletic training staff with others.

As an athletic training student you have an obligation to yourself, the athletes you work with, the coaches you work with, your supervisors, and to Central Connecticut State University to withhold from anyone other than your supervisor any information that you acquire professionally or socially which is considered professionally confidential.   This includes any information about an athlete's medical condition, the treatment of a medical condition, or any information which you acquire in the locker rooms, athletic training room, physician's office, or otherwise which is considered to be non-public information. 

The unique opportunity you have to observe and participate in intercollegiate athletics as a health care professional can and will be terminated if you violate this confidentiality.  Furthermore, the professional rapport you establish with athletes, coaches, and physicians is jeopardized by your lack of discretion and violation of this code of ethics.


The student-athlete's medical history, screening information, injury records, injury diagnosis, injury treatment records, rehabilitation records, as well their injury-playing status are considered medical records.  Information obtained from any of these medical documents is to be considered confidential. Athletic training students are not to disclose any information to anyone i.e. press, professional scouts, administrators, including parents.  Information may be shared with the head coach only when directed to do so by the head athletic trainer or a designated assistant athletic trainer.   

A Medical Release form with the signature of the student-athlete must be obtained for those athletic training students involved in preparing case studies for practicum courses. Forms are available in the athletic training facility.  The Medical Release form gives you permission to use the designated information in your written report and presentation.  Athletic training students may not remove medical records from the athletic training facility. At no time are the student-athlete's medical records to be photocopied.

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