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Basic Treatment of Athletic Injuries – Sprains, Strains and Open Wounds



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Since some injuries are not noticed until the next day, student-athletes should be advised of the following basic treatments for minor athletic injuries.

  • The best treatment for a majority of sport related injuries is to apply ice. Ice should be applied for 15 - 20 minutes every two for a new injury, along with a gentle compression wrap and elevation. DO NOT SLEEP WITH WRAP ON AT NIGHT.
  • Heat applied to an injured area may increase swelling. This will cause more pain and will result in a loss in the normal motion to the joint. Do not apply moist heat. Do not use ointments or rubs such Icey Hot or Mineral Ice - they will increase the swelling. Do not use the warm whirlpool.
  • Wounds occurring in athletic settings often become infected. Thoroughly clean even minor scraps and especially turf burns. If the wound becomes swollen, red, or sore to the touch, see an athletic trainer as soon as possible.
  • Remember to have all wounds covered properly for practice to prevent infection and bleeding. All wounds should be cleaned in the athletic training facility after showering. Do not leave the same bandage on for days.
  • Teammates should refrain from recommending “home remedies” for the treatment of injuries to student-athletes.
  • Please refer to the section “Proper Use of Medications”



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