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  • Blisters can result in time loss from practice if not properly cared for. To prevent blisters, avoid breaking in brand new athletic shoes during practice. Wear two pairs of socks while breaking in sneakers/cleats. The feeling of a hot spot or rubbing should be referred to an athletic trainer to protect the area. Change all bandages covering blisters daily after showering.
  • Drink plenty of fluids - proper hydration begins well before the student-athlete arrives to practice (2-3 hours prior). Athletes should drink plenty of clear non-caffinated fluids both before and after practice. Water is the best fluid to prevent dehydration.
  • Cramps - can be prevented by drinking more fluids and replenishing minerals by eating oranges, bananas, and potatoes.
  • Flexibility - stretching and proper warm-ups can prevent muscle strains.
  • Proper fitted equipment - make sure equipment is fitted properly. Student-Athletes should inspect equipment issued to them once a week for unusual wear and damage.
  • Taping, Wrapping athletes with a history of a chronic injury should protect the injury by taping or wrapping.
  • Mouthpieces - Mouthpieces not only protects the athlete's teeth (and your smile), they can lessen the severity of a concussion or prevent one from occurring.



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