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The Center for Africana Studies has the distinctive role of an archaeological component directly linked to African Americans, Africans and Africans in the Diaspora. In the past decade, the University has attracted several African, African American scholars and others from the Diaspora. This culminated in the setting up of the African Studies and African American Studies programs. Since the inception of these programs, the members have pulled together and produced credible programs.

A newsletter, Africa Update under the editorial leadership of Dr. Gloria Emeagwali was first published in 1993. This newsletter is self-financing with impressive subscriptions from institutions across the world, including the Hoover Institution, Emory University, Boston University and others from the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. It has received several awards including recognition as the United Nations site on African Affairs.

We have organized summer programs for students to Ghana, West Africa. We have formalized an exchange agreement with the University of Ghana, the University of Lagos, and the University of Abuja in Nigeria. Now, we are in the process of finalizing other agreements with other universities in the Continent of Africa. We are one of the most active interdisciplinary programs in the Connecticut State University System and the metropolitan region. We consistently enhance the academic offerings at Central as well as in the region.

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