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Poetry for Lunch
There is lunch, and then there is poetry for lunch. Join in a rousing discussion unpacking the hidden message in phrase with Darlene Jordan. Bring a brown bag lunch; sweets and refreshments will be provided. Choose any poem from Audre Lorde’s book, Coal, for our first exploration into the world described through poetry. All are welcome. The Center for Africana Studies, Marcus White Hall, Room 008, 12:15-1:15.

Poetry for Lunch dates: Sept 25, Oct 23, Nov 14, Jan 22, Feb 26, Mar 26, Apr 23

Where the High Five Came From: The Art of the Kingdom of Kongo
Friday, Oct 4th, 7:30pm, Vance Academic Center, Room 105
By Dr. Robert Farris Thompson
Dr. Robert Farris Thompson has devoted his life to the study of the art history of the Afro-Atlantic world. This presentation focuses on the origin of the High Five, a gesture seen as uniquely American. Dr. Thompson, a dynamic speaker, discusses the origin of this physical gesture and the meanings behind it.
His first book, Black Gods and Kings, was a close iconographic reading of the art history of the forty million Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria. He has published texts on the structure and meaning of African dance, African Art in Motion, and a reader on the art history of the Black Americas, Flash of the Spirit, which has remained in print since its publication in 1983. Thompson has published two books on the bark cloth art of the Bambenga or Buraka of the Ituri Forest, plus the first international study of altars of the Black Atlantic world, Face of the Gods and most recently Tango: The Art History of Love. In addition, he has published an introduction to the diaries of Keith Haring, studies the art of José Bedia and Guillermo Kuitca and has been anthologized fifteen times and his writings have been published in five different languages. He is also the Master of Timothy Dwight College at Yale.

Annual Conference – Art as Resistance
March 6th, 9-5pm, Student Center, Constitution Room
The Center for Africana Studies is pleased to sponsor speakers from around the country. The focus of this year’s conference is art as an expression of resistance against oppression.

Film Series
Every year during the month of February, the Center for Africana Studies, in collaboration with the Mosaic Center, sponsors a week long film event. This year the focus is on art as resistance. Stay tuned for upcoming dates.

New Britain African American Oral History Project
In collaboration with the New Britain Public Library and CCSU’s Anthropology Department, the Center is focusing on collecting oral histories of African Americans who helped to shape the city of New Britain.



Lecture Series


Marcus White Hall (lower level)
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