CASD Identified Supports


The CASD team wants to promote your success in your academic and career achievements.  In keeping with this goal, we have compiled a list of exceptional individuals who have agreed to be available to you should you have particular questions.  Start with the area of concern column on the left to determine the most appropriate person to contact.  Please note that these individuals have agreed to answer questions and to refer you on according to your stated need(s).  They will not be able to provide the level of support that is typically available through the CASD office.  Good luck with all that you set out to accomplish. 

~Lila Coddington, CASD Project Coordinator




Concern                                         Contact                                   Location                        Phone #

General advising:                            Janice Reska                           Willard 100                    860-832-1618

Disability/Mental Health:                 George Tenney                         Willard 100                    860-832-1957

                                                     Natalie Stimpson-Byers            Davidson 103                 860-832-1603

Therapy/Emotional:                         Connie Boston                         Willard 100                    860-832-1629

Religious (all):                                Janet Stoddard                         Marcus White                860-832-1935


Financial Aid:                                 Keri Lupachino                         Davidson 107                 860-832-2204

Residential:                                   Claudia Airas-Cirinna                  Barrows 120                  860-832-1663


Career:                                          Sally Cobrain                            Willard 100                     860-832-1636

Tutoring (general):                           Meg Leake                               Copernicus 241               860-832-1901          

Writing assistance:                         Joseph Clifford                          Willard 303                     860-832-2765

Peer support:                                 Victoria Ginter                           Willard 100                     860-832-1648

General:                                        Judith Rosenberg                       Barnard 230                    860-832-2120

                                                    Linda Barile                               Barnard 316                    860-832-2149

                                                    Joanne DiPlacido                       Barnard 026                    860-832-3102





Concern                                           Contact                                   Location                        Phone #

Mental Health (general):                    Karen Kangas                          DMHAS                         860-418-6948

Disability Rights/Vocational                                                             Office of Protection

  Rehabilitation Services:                   Susan Werboff                           and Advocacy               860-297-4326

Career assistance; funding for

  education/books/adaptive equipment:     Bureau of Rehab Services    Hartford                         860-723-1400