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CASD Contacts


Lila Coddington, M.S., MFT

CASD Project Coordinator

Counseling and Family Therapy
Barnard Hall, Room 219
(860) 832-0078


Lila L. Coddington, M.S., MFT is the Program Coordinator for Central Access & Student Development (CASD).  As an advocate for supported educational services, Lilaís experience has taught her that achievement is tied directly to a studentís experience of being treated with compassion, dignity and respect, and being valued as a developing person who is capable of growth and positive change. Transition, change and goal setting are experiences Lila can personally speak about as she did an about face in her own career path. She can empathize with the fact that changing or adding new direction in life isnít always easy, but with supportive relationships, attainable goal setting and focused diligence, success and personal satisfaction can become reality.

The skills Lila brings to Central Access & Student Development are varied from; private family business ownership, to mobilizing crisis intervention services, to training organizations in valuing differences, to simply being present to the needs of an individual. She is a Masterís level Family Therapist having graduated from the Counseling and Family Therapy Program at CCSU.


 Judith Rosenberg Judith H. Rosenberg, Ph.D., LPC, CRC
CASD Faculty Program Director

Counseling and Family Therapy
Barnard Hall, Room 230
(860) 832-2120


Dr. Rosenberg is a full-time Professor of Counseling, and Marriage & Family Therapy courses at CCSU.  She is also the Coordinator of the graduate level Professional Counseling Programs, which include three tracks: Rehabilitation Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, and Substance Abuse Counseling.  Dr. Rosenberg is also a licensed Psychologist.



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