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CASD provides free and confidential, educational support services that are designed to meet the needs of the individual.  In most cases, services are provided by the CASD Project Coordinator during one-on-one meetings with the individual.  In addition, CASD participants will be referred to existing on-campus supports such as the Office of Prevention and Counseling, The Learning Center, Career Services, and the Office of Special Student Services.  Likewise, participants will also be referred to community agencies such as the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) for various types of supports when applicable.  In accordance with Connecticut General Statutes, the confidentiality of student information is required by law.   

Individuals who are interested in learning more about CASD and/or receiving services are encouraged to contact the Project Coordinator for a confidential consultation.  Inquiries are always welcome, even if the preference is to enroll several months in the future.  Consultation is available at any point in ones college career.  

Also, by clicking the links to the left you will find an array of services and supports that are available to participants of CASD.  Please take your time in identifying as many or as few you would like us to assist you with.  We will address all of the identified concerns during our time together, when time allows, and for as long as you are an active participant of CASD.  Please be advised that if there are additional concerns that you wish to be addressed at a later date, you are encouraged to bring them to the attention of the CASD Project Coordinator. 

Appointments are available Monday through Thursday


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