Graduate Academic Policies and Requirements

The academic policies and degree requirements for graduate students at Central Connecticut State University are governed by the University faculty, and administered by the dean of the School of Graduate Studies. The Graduate Studies Committee, composed of faculty and graduate students who represent the graduate programs at Central Connecticut State University, reviews graduate curriculum and proposes policies affecting graduate students and programs that then need approval by the Faculty Senate. The Graduate Studies Committee also hears appeals related to student academic/performance matters.

The sections summarize graduate academic policies of the University. All graduate students are urged to become familiar with these policies and to follow them when making decisions about their graduate studies at Central Connecticut State University. The School of Graduate Studies Handbook, available in the Office of the School of Graduate Studies (Barnard Hall 102) and at the graduate website, also details all policies related to graduate students and programs. Advisors are assigned to assist in planning the academic program, but they are not authorized to change established policy of the University. Advisors and students are responsible for ensuring that the academic program complies with the policies of the University.


Admission Policies for Acceptance to Graduate Programs

Admission Criteria

Number of times a student may apply for admission to the same program.

English Language Proficiency Requirement for Acceptance

English Proficiency Score Exemptions

Admission Appeals with a Cumulative GPA between 2.40-2.69

Admission Appeals with a Cumulative GPA below 2.40

Conditional Acceptance Policy

Graduate Student Fresh Start Policy


Academic Advising and the Planned Program of Graduate Study

The Planned Program of Graduate Study

Changes in the Planned Program

Transfer Policy for Graduate Credits Earned at Regionally Accredited Institutions of Higher Education in the US and Non-Affiliated International Institutions of Higher Education

Credits Earned During Study Abroad at CCSU Partner and Affiliate Institutions of Higher Education

Six-Year Time Limit

Extensions Requests for the Six-Year Time Limit


Student Status (Definitions and Policies)

Full Time Matriculation (FT) Course Load and Credits

Part-time Matriculation (PT) Course Load and Credits

Changing Status from Full-Time to Part-Time



Time Expectations for Graduate Student Course Equivalent Work


Major and Degree Policies

Master's Degree Requirements

Master's Degree Capstone Requirements (Thesis, Comprehensive Examination, Special Project)

Thesis (Plan A)

Comprehensive Examination (Plan B)

Special Project

Special Project (Plan C)

Special Project (Plan E)

Continuing Registration Fee (CREG)

Degree Candidacy for Relevant Programs

Non-Capstone Qualifying Exam

Doctoral Degree Requirements

The Sixth-Year Certificate

Graduate Teacher Certification Programs

Official Certificate Programs

Post-Master's Planned Programs


Registration Related Policies

Request to Change a Program

Graduate Student Research

Alternate Pins for Registration

Course Numbering System

Odd and Even Year Course Offerings

400 Level Policy for Graduate Students

Bridge Courses

Link Courses

Cross-Listed Courses

Adding a Course

Dropping a Course

Withdrawing from a Course

Pass/Fail Option for Graduate Students

Auditing a Course Option for Graduate Students

Maximum Course Load

Eligibility for Extra Credits or Course Overloads

Exceeding the 18 Credit Limit Enrollment

Taking Summer and Winter Courses

Maximum Credits for Summer/Winter Sessions

500 Level Graduate Courses Taken by Undergraduates

Refund Policy

Waiver for Students Over Age 62


Leaving the University and Reenrolling

Medical Leaves of Absence

Withdrawing from the University

Losing Matriculation Status

Re-enrollment into a Graduate Program


Financial Aid Policies

Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Recipients

Degree Objective-Specific Minimum CCSU GPA

Completion of 67.5% of Attempted Units with Passing Grades

Eligibility Limit - Unit Cap

Financial Aid Probation

Financial Aid Disqualification

Financial Aid Appeal

Regaining Eligibility


Grades and Grading Policies

The Grading System

Grades of C+/C and C-

Mid-Semester Grades

Repeating Courses/Course Repeat Policy (Graduate Students)

Incomplete Grades

Grade Appeals Policy

Non-Graded Appeals

Good Academic Standing

Academic Probation/Academic Dismissal Policies


Graduation Policies and Requirements

Application for Graduation

Participation in Commencement Ceremonies

Student Regulations and Conduct


Student Records

Emergency Contact Name and Address

Privacy of Student Records

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Directory Information

Notice to Reflect Possible Federal and State Data Collection and Use

Student Photos (Permission for Photos of Students)

Change of Address


General University Policies

Academic Misconduct Policy


Cancellation of Courses

Cancellation of Class or Final Examinations Due to Inclement Weather

Computer Use Policy

Email Policy

Graduation Rate Statistics

Transcript Policy