Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Programs

Students who already hold a bachelor's degree may pursue teacher certification through our post-baccalaureate programs. These programs prepare students for teacher certification and do not result in a master's degree. Additional policies governing these certification programs are found in the Undergraduate Catalog. Students can seek certification in the following fields.

Secondary Education in the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, English, French, General Science, German, History, Italian, Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies and Spanish


PK-12 Education in the following subjects: Art, Music, Physical Education, TESOL, Technology and Engineering Education


Information on admission to the post-baccalaureate programs can be found on the School of Education and Professional Studies page, linked here.

Students may enroll part time or full time, extended over a number of years in any certification field. Each student will, together with an advisor, submit a planned program of graduate study which would satisfy all certification requirements. Each planned program is individualized, based on the student's previous college course work, CCSU program requirements, and state certification requirements.