Elementary Education, BS

Coordinator: B. Clark (860-832-2428)

Program Requirements (130 credits)

Students must choose a major designed for elementary education (33-39 credits). Majors include English, geography, history, mathematics, general science with a specialization in biology, and general science with a specialization in earth science. See School of Arts and Sciences sections for specific course requirements.

Related requirements as follows: ENG 110, MATH 113, MATH 213 and BIO 211, SCI 111, HIST 161 or 162, PSY 236, PSY 361 or 362.

Professional education (49 credits):

EDTE 210 Education and Teacher Leadership in Diverse Learning Communities 3
EDT 210 Introduction to Educational Technology 1

Enrollment in the following courses requires acceptance to the professional program for teacher certification. Applications are accepted in the second week of the fall and spring semesters.

RDG 315 Comprehensive Reading Instruction I 3
EDEL 315 Principles of Learning: Elementary 3
SPED 315 Introduction to Educating Learners with Exceptionalities 3
RDG 316 Comprehensive Reading Instruction II 3
EDEL 322 Effective Elementary Teaching I 3
EDF 415 Educational Foundations 3
EDT 415 Developing Instructional Materials 1
EDEL 420 Effective Elementary Teaching II 3
FA 412 Fine Arts Across the Curriculum 3
MATH 412 Elementary Mathematical Methods 3
RDG 412 Literacy in the Elementary School 3
SCI 412 Elementary Science Methods 2
EDEL 415 Elementary Social Studies Methods 2
EDEL 430 Elementary Education Student Teaching 9
EDTE 430 Topic Seminar in Leadership and Learning Communities 1
The completion of a minor is not required.