Major in History, BS (Certifiable for elementary education, 39 credits)

HIST 121 World Civilization I 3
HIST 122 World Civilization II 3
HIST 301 The Historical Imagination 3
(taken prior to the first 400-level history course)
9 credits of 300-level U.S. history surveys
HIST 490 Senior Seminar 3
(taken after 24 credits of history courses, including HIST 301 and 6 credits of history courses at the 400-level)

6 credits of European history above the 100-level, 6 credits of non-western history above the 100-level (3 of the 6 credits must appear on the state-approved non-western history course list), and 12 credits in 400-level history courses

For additional course requirements in education, consult with the School of Education and Professional Studies.