Major in Secondary Education and All Level Subjects, BS

Coordinator: K. Love (860-832-2124)

Program Requirements (130 credits) General education requirements for secondary programs are as follows: 6 credits in English (ENG 110 is required), HIST 161 or 162, PSY 236, 6 credits of science, and 6 credits in mathematics. For all-level program requirements, students should consult the chair of their major department to determine the recommended general education courses.

Major (36-57 credits) Students in secondary education and all-level subjects programs can be certified to teach in specific areas of specialization as follows:

See Schools of Arts and Sciences or Technology sections for specific course requirements.

Minor (18-24 credits) The completion of a minor or a certifiable minor is required unless specifically noted in the individual major. Options for certifiable minors for science majors include biology, chemistry, earth science, and general science. Specific course requirements for minors can be found in the Carol A. Ammon School of Arts and Sciences sections.

Professional education (24-34 credits) Enrollment in the following courses requires acceptance to the professional program in the School of Education and Professional Studies.

For secondary education program:

RDG 440 Literacy in the Secondary School 3
EDTE 316 Principles of Learning (Sec/K-12) 4
EDSC 425 Principles of Secondary Education 3
For all-level subjects program:
The following must be completed prior to acceptance into program:
EDTE 314 Applied Learning Theories (K-12 Programs) 3
Enrollment in the following courses requires acceptance to the professional program:
SPED 315 Introduction to Educating Learners with Exceptionalities 3
EDSC 425 Principles of Secondary Education 3
EDF 415 Educational Foundations 3
EDSC 4XX* Student Teaching 1-9
*Course numbers and availability of student teaching vary based on certification field.

Major methods courses are taken in conjunction with the major academic department. Additional professional education course work related to the academic discipline is required.