Major in Spanish, BS (Certifiable for secondary teaching, 36 credits)

For non-native speakers:
SPAN 125 Intermediate Spanish I 3
SPAN 126 Intermediate Spanish II 3
SPAN 128 Intensive Intermediate Spanish 6
SPAN 225 Intermediate Spanish III 3
SPAN 226 Intermediate Spanish IV 3
For native speakers:
SPAN 190 Language for Heritage Speakers of Spanish I 3
SPAN 191 Language for Heritage Speakers of Spanish II 3
SPAN 290 Hispanic Culture for Heritage Speakers of Spanish I 3
SPAN 291 Hispanic Culture for Heritage Speakers of Spanish II 3
Spanish and Spanish-American Literature and Cultures (24 credits)
SPAN 300 Literary Analysis 3
SPAN 304 Introduction to Spanish Literature I 3
SPAN 305 Literary Masterpieces since 1700: Spain 3
SPAN 315 Spanish Civilization 3
SPAN 316 Latin American Civilization 3
SPAN 335 Advanced Spanish for Oral Expression 3
SPAN 336 Advanced Spanish Composition 3
SPAN 375 Spanish American Literature I 3
SPAN 376 Spanish American Literature II 3
Directed electives 3
Secondary Teaching Requirements (37 credits)
SPED 315 Introduction to Educating Learners with Exceptionalities 3
EDTE 316 Principles of Learning (Sec/K-12) 4
RDG 440 Literacy in Secondary School 3
EDF 415 Educational Foundations 3
EDSC 425 Principles of Secondary Education 3
EDSC 435 Secondary Education Student Teaching 3-9
ML 428 Methods and Materials for Teaching World Languages at Elementary School Level 3
ML 429 Seminar in Modern Language Teaching Methods 4
ML 440 Student Teaching Seminar in Modern Languages 1
ML 490 Teaching World Languages II: Acquisition in Young Children for Teachers of World
Languages 3
LING 300 Language Acquisition 3
EDT 315 Educational Technology in the Secondary School Classroom 1

For students with advanced preparation, appropriate substitutions will be made. No minor required.

Specialization in Inter-University Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures

Students must complete 12 credits at one of our Spanish-speaking partner institutions abroad during one semester. The 12 credits may be taken in language, culture and/or literature as appropriate to the student's level of proficiency and upon recommendation of student's academic advisor at CCSU. These credits may apply to the core requirements of the major.

Note: Students of this specialization are strongly encouraged to complete their study abroad component during their sophomore year.