Undergraduate Academic Policies and Requirements

Student Status (Definitions and Policies)

Full Time Matriculation (FT) Course Load and Credits

Part-time Matriculation (PT)

Part Time Course Load and Credits

Change of Status from Full-time to Part-time


Classification of Students


Time Expectations for Student Course Equivalent Work


Major and Degree Policies

Declaration of Major


Change of Major, Minor, or Degree

Declaring a Second Undergraduate Major

Second Undergraduate Major and Second Degree Policy


Registration Related Policies

Alternate Pins for Registration

Course Numbering System

Odd and Even Year Course Offerings

"Bridge" Course

"Link" Course

Cross-Listed Courses

Placement Testing and Remedial Courses: Mathematics, Writing and Foreign Language Requirements and Placement Exams

CCSU Math Requirement and Placement Testing

CCSU Writing Requirement and Placement Testing


Adding a Course

Dropping a Course

Withdrawing from a Courses

Pass-Fail Option

Auditing a Course

Maximum Course Load

Eligibility for Extra Credits or Course Overloads

Exceeding the 18 Credit Limit Enrollment

Taking Summer and Winter Courses

Maximum Credits for Summer/Winter Sessions

500 Level Graduate Courses Taken by Undergraduates

Repeating Courses/Course Repeat Policy

ENG 099 and MATH 099

Refund Policy

Waiver for Students Over Age 62


Leaving the University and Reenrolling

Medical Leaves of Absence

Withdrawing from the University

Undergraduate Student Leave of Absence Policy

Fresh Start Policy


Financial Aid Policies

Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Recipients

Degree Objective-Specific Minimum CCSU GPA

Completion of 67.5% of Attempted Units with Passing Grades

Eligibility Limit - Unit Cap

Financial Aid Probation

Financial Aid Disqualification

Financial Aid Appeal

Regaining Eligibility


Grades and Grading Policies

The Grading System

Mid-Semester Grades

Grade-Point Calculation

Dean's List

Graduation Honors for Baccalaureate Degree

Course Repeat Grading Policy

Continuing Education Non-Credit Courses

Grade Appeals Policy

Good Academic Standing Policy

Academic Probation/Academic Dismissal


Graduation Policies and Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Residence Requirements for Degree

Application for Graduation

Participation in Commencement Ceremonies

Course Substitutions to Fulfill Graduation Requirements


Transfer Credit Approval from Other Academic Institutions

Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer Credit Procedures

State University Student Interchange

Hartford Consortium Cross Registration

Attending Other Institutions

Credits Earned During Study Abroad at CCSU Partner and Affiliate Institutions of Higher Education

Acceptance of Non-Traditional Credit


Student Records

Emergency Contact Name and Address

Privacy of Student Records

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Directory Information

Notice to Reflect Possible Federal and State Data Collection and Use

Student Photos (Permission for Photos of Students)

Change of Address


General University Policies

Academic Advising for Undergraduate Students

Academic Misconduct Policy


Cancellation of Courses

Computer Use Policy

Email Policy

Extra-Curricular Activity

Graduation Rate Statistics

Transcript Policy