Return On Your Investment

Your Gift Matters.

Thanks to your support, we are proud to have increased total financial aid from $53 million to over $90 million, since 2006. That means we can support more students with more resources, helping them to make their dreams of a college education a reality.

Over the past five years, private gifts have increased from $1.9 million in total giving to $4 million, and the value of the endowment has increased substantially from $26 million to $36 million.

What is Your ROI--Return On Investment?

For one thing, the stronger endowment you helped to create means a stronger CCSU, better able to provide a quality university education for generations of students. And because 85 percent of CCSU grads remain in Connecticut that means a stronger Connecticut, enriched by their intelligence, energy, and care. And you have created a world of possibilities for each student who benefited from your generosity.

From a stronger University, to more academically successful students, you can take pride in knowing that your generosity makes a difference.