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Season 1 2004-05
Season 2 2005-06
Season 3 2006-07
Season 4 2007-08
Season 5 2008-09
Season 6 2009-10
Season 7 2010-11

July 2007 Dennis David A History of the DeSoto
August 2007 Pablo Iannone The Room with Closets: Tales of a Life Divided
September 2007 Steven Ostrowski In Late Fields
October 2007 Judith Faryniarz, Anthony Rigazio-Digilio & Jim Aseltine Supervision for Learning: A Performance-Based Approach to Teacher Development and School Improvement  
November 2007 Jill Weinberger Vienna Voices: A Traveler Listens to the City of Dreams
December 2007 J. Hayes Hurley Hotel di Roma
January 2008 C.J. Jones & Tom Hazuka A Method to March Madness 
February 2008 Daniel Wiener Interactive and improvisational drama: Varieties of applied theatre and performance
March 2008

David Cappella

April 2008 Carole Shmurak Death by Committee
May 2008 Jan Bishop Fitness Through Aerobics
June 2008 TBD TBD


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