Dept. Chem and Biochem

Facilities of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Our department is equipped with state of the art NMR (Bruker 300 series) for chemical analysis. This instrument is used for both student reasearch as well as in our teaching labs. This ensures that our students graduate trained in modern chemical techniques with both theoretical understanding and first-hand laboratory experience.
Oxford Diffraction X-ray Diffractometer The X-ray Diffractometer is a world class instrument for determine crystal structures and elucidating chemical interactions in the solid state. The X-ray Lab is one of the busiest spaces, producing publishable results, assisting with student chemistry labs, and playing a large role in faculty-directed research.
UV-Vis spectrophotometer This laboratory work horse is such a universal chemical instrument that there are two! The Agilent 8453 spectrometer is used in all aspects of chemistry and is equiped with software to determing reaction kinetics, standard assay concentrations, single point readings, and transmittance. 

The JASCO Spectrofluorometer is an essential tool for both the Chemistry and Biochemistry programs here at CCSU. Fluorescence detection is higher sensitivity than UV-visible detection, and experiments can be designed to produce results for biochemical assays, concentration determinations, cellular signaling, and even protein folding.



High pressure liquid chromatograpy (HPLC) for biochemical applications.
The Waters dual pump HPLC is outfitted with an autosampler to make multiple runs convienent. It has a UV-Visible detection with photodiode array to record multiple wavelength within a single sample and a fluorescence detector for higher sensitivity applications.
3 Gas Chromatographs