Dept. Chem and Biochem

Full-Time Faculty

To find out more about faculty research, request an appointment through email. All of our faculty engage in student research, and would love to talk with you about possible projects.

Dr. James V. Arena
Analytical Chemistry


Dr. Thomas R. Burkholder 
Physical Chemistry


Dr. Sourav Chakraborty 
Analytical Chemistry


Dr. Guy Crundwell 
Inorganic/Materials Chemistry


Dr. Neil Glagovich
Organic Chemistry

Dr. Carol A. Jones
Department chair

Dr. Sarah E. Maurer


Dr. Stephen Watton
Environmental Chemistry


Dr. Barry L. Westcott
Bioinorganic Chemistry




Mary Eberhardt
Technical Specialist


Cathy Olson-Garuti




Part-time faculty

Please use email for fastest response.

Gloria Brown Wright

Francis S. DiMaio

Edward Martz

Alexander C. Oliphant

Francis T. Pascual

Dr. Juergen Theo Renze

Sanja Trifone

Thomas M. Zownir