The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is pleased to offer four majors and two minors to prepare students for a variety of science careers. 

The American Chemical Society (ACS) accreditation program ensures that our chemistry and biochemistry graduates are taking classes that meet a national standard for chemistry and biochemistry education. For a list of classes for the ACS Chemistry major click here. For more information about the ACS Biochemistry major click here.

A more flexible chemistry and biochemistry program is available to students who want greater control of their course offerings or an alternative to the standards set forth by ACS. For more information about the General Chemistry Major Click here. For more information about the General Biochemistry major click here.

Our department also offers students in other disciplines an opportunity to minor in either chemistry as a general minor or for teaching certification. We welcome a students from diverse academic backgrounds to participate in our programs to develop a well-rounded intellectual community. For more information about the courses required to minor in chemistry click here.