Travel Blogs from Abroad

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Italy, 2013
This Spring course begins and concludes in Florence - the hub of creative activity. Participants work on individual (research) projects and spend time to trace the history of the Renaissance in photographs, videos and other visual representations. To enhance knowledge of Italian art and life, the group will also venture out by train during several day trips to the amazing cities of Siena, Pisa and ultimately Rome. In addition to guided tours, students take time to discover and explore on their own as well. This journey will be an exciting trip into the past to understand why Florence was so influential in shaping modern consciousness, the arts, visual culture and communication. This trip is full of surprises that will mix contemporary lifestyle with the legacy of the past.

Costa Rica, 2013
During this Winter Session 2013 course, students had the opportunity to experience firsthand the biodiversity in Costa Rica’s rainforests and how they relate to human welfare. Discussions that centered around tropical conservation initiatives in Costa Rica were complemented by meeting the activists behind them. Participants experienced rare and endangered ecosystems such as the cloud forest, rain forest, coast beach ecosystems and volcanoes, through excursions to Braulio and Irazu Volcano National park. In addition, the group visited private reserves spanning diverse terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Rounding out the program, students took hikes along the Caribbean Sea and visited a Sea Turtle Nest site, while exploring the bounty of color and life on the beach and in the forest along the way.

India, 2013
In January 2013, working under the direction of CCSU Anthropology Professor David A. Kideckel and with students and faculty from Kerala University, 14 graduate and undergraduate students explored the theme of Challenges of Development and focused on issues of Environment, Labor, Gender and Population through various excursions around Kerala, India. In the Arabian Sea-side fishing and resort town of Kovalam, students discovered important coastal sites like the Muslim and Christian fishing port of Vizhniam and the Vellayani Kayal lake. Other stops included a kudumbashree woman┬╣s self-help group, NGOs focused on environmental issues, neighborhood associations, urban waste management and other public health facilities, small-scale craft workshops, local government offices, and diverse local markets.

Austria & Germany 2011
During this course, students undertake a comparative analysis of the Manufacturing and Construction techniques used in the European Union (EU) and the United States. An investigation of cultural impacts on labor, quality and materials are presented. Students visit industry sites and Austrian Universities as well. Among the site visits that are being arranged are German automotive factories, Austrian glass factories and more.

South Africa, 2010
Students learn about Cape Town South Africa as CCSU as they volunteer to work among the diverse people and cultures throughout the city. For this program, CCSU is partnering with Cross Cultural Solutions, to bring the exciting course abroad opportunity to our students.
The 2-week program is managed by the CCSU Social Work Department.

Civil Rights Movement 2010
The Civil Rights Project involves 20 students the opportunity to trace the movement in the South. Students had hand opportunity to research the principles, goals, and strategies used by African-American men and women to secure basic citizenship rights during the civil rights era. They trace the civil rights movement looking at the start of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the rise of Dr. King and his movement, the march on Selma, the role of the African American Churches, marches on Birmingham, Atlanta, GA, Philadelphia, MI and finally movement trip to Memphis, TN and the Lorraine Motel.

Beijing & Jinan, Summer 2010

Join CCSU Teacher Education students as they experience the rich and complex culture of Beijing and Shandong Province in northern China. Follow their activities through their extensive photo gallery and daily journal.

London, Winter 2010
Twenty Eight students participated in the "Passport to Global Citizenship" program in Winter 2010. This non-credit program serves as an international experience for first-year students and is designed to help shape students’ views on culture, strengthen career goals, and promote self confidence. This program is led by Professor of Theatre emeritus Jarek Strzemien and offered by CCSU's George Muirhead Center for International Education. Accompanying Professor Strzemien and the students are Erin Beecher, Study Abroad Advisor in CIE and Derek Pierce, Manager of Internet Services.