2015 Course Abroad and Passport to Global Citizenship Programs

Full details about 2015 programs, including full program descriptions, price and registration materials, will be available and posted to this site in mid-August.

Winter 2015 Programs


Travel Dates

Literature and Song in London England Dec 26 – Jan 4
History, Culture, and Programs in Health and Environmental Communication
New Zealand
Dec 26 – Jan 10
Marine Ecosystems of Belize
Belize Dec 28 Jan 5
Studies of World Literature: Peruvian Literature in Translation
Dec 28 – Jan 9
The Arab/Perusian Gulf in the 21st Century United Arab Emirates Dec 29 – Jan 8
Passport to Global Citizenship: Liverpool and London (non-credit) England Jan 1 – 8
GeoEcology, EcoTourism, and Sustainability Costa Rica Jan 1 – 11

Spring 2015 Programs


Travel Dates

History, Policy, and Current Issues in Disability, Mental Health, and Rehabilitation in Ireland and the European Union Ireland March 13 – 20
British Media Culture: News, Fashion, Sports, Design England March 13 – 21
Americans in Paris: Identity, Culture, and the Arts
March 13 – 21
Making Science Connections Abroad
Greece March 13 – 21
Exploring Family and Community Health from a Global Nursing Perspective Jamaica March 13 – 21
Passport to Global Citizenship Program:
Eastern Europe - Its Tumultuous Past and Ongoing Transformation (non-credit)
Poland and Czech
March 13 – 21
Irish History, Political Conflict, Conflict Resolution, and Social Movements Ireland and United Kingdom March 13 – 22
A Comparative Analysis of Manufacturing and Construction Management
Japan March 13 – 22
Rifts and Ruptures: Autonomy and Indepdendence in the U.S. and Spain Spain March 14 – 22
Travel to the Past: Living History in England England
May 18 – 26
A comparative Study of Business and Industry Austria, Czech Republic and Poland May 18 - 28

Summer 2015 Programs


Travel Dates

First Summer Session
Passport to Global Citizenship Program for Graduating Seniors
France and Monaco
May 31 - June 9
Culture and Diversity across Central Europe
Romania and Germany May 15 - 31
Desert, Reef, and Rainforest: Art and Biology in Australia

May 20 - June 16
The Culture, Nature and History of Sicily's West Coast

May 23 - June 7
Temple, Tower, Castle, Dome: Building Japan Through the Ages

May 25 - June 8
Western Europe: 'X' and the European City: The Mathematics of Geography, Cities and Travel, Part A
Western Europe

May 26 - June 12
Ecotourism, Cultural Heritage, and Sustainability in Belize

May 28 - June 6
Comparative Health and Nursing Systems in Ireland
May 29 - June 13
Spanish on the Move Argentina May 30 - June 14
The Middle East in the Post-Arab Spring Era Turkey May 31 - June 9
East-Asian Perspectives on Crime, Justice, and Law Chine, Japan, and South Korea May 31 - June 21
Making Science Connections Abroad England and Scotland June 1 - 15
Communicating the City: Madrid and Barcelona Spain June 2 - 12
Western Europe: 'X' and the European City: The Mathematics of Geography, Cities, and Travel, Part B
Western Europe
June 8 - 25
Second Summer Session

The Global Collaboartive Program, Seoul
South Korea
July 1 - 31
Field School in Cultural Anthropology: Guatemala Guatemala
July 13 - 28
Ecology and Evolution in the Galapagos Islands
Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands August 1- 14