Q: What steps should I take to select a study abroad program?

You should start by taking the following steps -- and finish with credits AND a career!

  • Choose a program by researching options in the Center for International Education’s Study Abroad Library.
  • Meet with their Academic Advisor to plan the academic component of the study abroad program.
  • Meet the International Education Coordinator to discuss the many programs available.
  • Submit the application on time! Applications to partner University are due April 1 (fall or full-year) and September 15 (spring semester). Course Abroad Registration deadlines vary. Consult the CIE Website.
  • Make an appointment with the Financial Aid Office to talk about CCSU funding options.
  • Visit the CIE’s Website for more details and to obtain the appropriate forms.

Q: What study abroad choices do I have?

There are two kinds of programs available: full semester/year programs or short-term, faculty-led Course Abroad programs; credits earned on both programs count toward the fulfillment of the General Education International Course Requirement.

Full-Semester/Year Study Abroad

  • Students can gain cultural insight while living and studying along with students of the host country for a full semester or academic year and earn CCSU credit.
  • In most cases, students studying abroad at one of Central's partner universities pay tuition and fees to CCSU;
  • The courses completed abroad are counted as residency credits at CCSU, not as transfer credits. As of summer 2013, grades earned abroad will appear on the CCSU transcript and calculate into the GPA.
  • Students can explore their full-semester options here.

Short-term Study Abroad

  • Students who wish to study abroad for a shorter period of time can choose a short-term international experience by enrolling in one of CCSU’s Courses Abroad programs.
  • Courses are taught by CCSU faculty;
  • Credits earned are regular CCSU credits, grades are calculated into the GPA, and credits earned count toward fulfillment of the General Education International Course Requirement;
  • Students can explore CCSU’s many programs throughout the world by clicking here.

Q: What full-semester/year study abroad programs does CCSU offer?

Sponsored programs are those that have been evaluated for quality and authorized for Central students by Central’s faculty and the State of Connecticut. They include study abroad on one of CCSU’s Partnership Programs around the world, or through two approved external study abroad program providers: GlobaLinks Programs and ISEP. Study abroad on any of these programs allows for the maintenance of a student’s regular financial aid package.

What are the admission criteria for full-semester/year study abroad?

  • A GPA of at least 2.75 is required for study abroad placement. Students enrolled at Eastern, Southern, or Western Connecticut State universities are eligible
  • Good Academic and Judicial Standing
  • Completed Application Form and Essay - Due April 1 for fall/full-year and September 15 for the following spring
  • Attendance at an Information Session

How much does full-semester/year study abroad cost?

If a student chooses a CCSU Partnership Program, in most cases s/he will pay normal tuition, fees, insurance, and, in some cases, accommodation charges to CCSU. Some programs require paying tuition, fees, and/or housing directly to the Host University. Meal plans are not common at campuses overseas, but dormitory accommodations are often equipped with kitchens shared by several students. Otherwise, meals are available at a university cafeteria on a pay-as-you-go basis. Students will be responsible for making their own air transportation arrangements.

If a student selects a CCSU Approved Program (GlobaLinks or ISEP) payments vary. Students should consult the provider’s website for specific information.

In all cases, the International Education Coordinator can provide estimated cost-of-attendance information for specific overseas program.

What about credits and grades for CCSU-sponsored programs abroad?

Credits earned abroad on CCSU Partnership Programs, GlobaLinks Affiliates, and ISEP are counted as residency credit at CCSU, not as transfer credits. As of summer 2013, grades earned abroad will appear on the student’s CCSU transcript and calculate into the student’s GPA.

Q: What short-term study abroad programs does CCSU offer?

Course Abroad Programs (Credit-Bearing)

Course Abroad programs are an important component of CCSU’s commitment to international education. Courses Abroad are intense, short-term, credit-bearing University classes that are conducted at international sites and foster the understanding of world issues, cultural differences, and global interdependencies. They are taught by faculty who are proven experts in the topics of the courses. Working in close cooperation with a growing number of CCSU academic departments, the Center for International Education (CIE) offers more than thirty-five Course Abroad programs annually. Course Abroad programs are offered in Winter Session, Summer Session, and embedded in full-semester Spring courses, where the travel component occurs either over Spring Break or in early Summer. All Course Abroad programs offer the opportunity to earn at least three credits. Many programs offer courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Registration deadlines are October 1 for Winter Session programs, December 1 for Spring programs, and March 1 and April 1 for First Five Week and Second Five Week Summer Sessions, respectively. Course Abroad programs are open to all students in good judicial standing; there is no minimum GPA requirement.

Q: What if I want to have a non-credit international experience?

Passport to Global Citizenship Programs (Non-Credit)

The Center for International Education annually sponsors several non-credit Passport to Global Citizenship Programs. Some of these programs are targeted to specific segments of the University’s student population (i.e. first-year students, B.S.-Ed majors, Business majors, etc.), while others are open to all students. These programs are official overseas educational programs sponsored by the University and all policies and standards for credit-bearing study abroad apply. Passport to Global Citizenship programs are open to students in good judicial standing; there is no minimum GPA requirement.

Q: What if I want to attend a program not sponsored by CCSU?

If a student wishes to attend a non-sponsored program, s/he must take the following steps:

1) File the Notification of Intent to Study Abroad on a Non-Partner Program form with the CIE.

2) Complete the appropriate University Withdrawal Form in the Office of the Registrar prior to his/her departure, if required.

3) Become familiar with the Registrar’s policies and procedures regarding the Transfer of Credit.

4) Undertake all arrangements pertaining to his/her study abroad.

5) Contact his/her academic advisor.

6) Contact the Registrar, Residence Life, and Financial Aid (if applicable), and register online for CCSU courses prior to returning from the leave of absence.

To apply for credit for a non-sponsored program, students must complete and submit the Request for Transfer Credit Form, available from the Registrar’s Office. All credit for study abroad must be pre-approved by an Academic Advisor and the Registrar prior to the student’s departure and must follow the guidelines that are noted in the Transfer Student section of the CCSU course catalog online. Only grades of C- or better are eligible for transfer.

Q: What financial aid and scholarships are available?

How does financial aid work when a I study abroad?

Most forms of financial aid can be continued while studying abroad on a full semester/year CCSU program since the student’s status is maintained. Full semester/year study abroad may make students eligible for other low-interest student loans. If a student is planning to apply for any form of financial aid, s/he must do so several months in advance of the program start date.

Are CIE scholarships available?

Center for International Education Scholarships -- these scholarships provide financial assistant to CCSU students accepted into a CCSU Course Abroad program. Criteria: matriculated CCSU undergraduate or graduate student in good academic standing and with a GPA of 2.50 or higher. Applications for CIE Scholarships are included in the program registration form.

CIE scholarships are not available for full semester or year study abroad programs, but students are encouraged to apply for the many external scholarships and loans that are available.

Q: Can I fufill the University's general education international requirement by studing abroad?

All credits earned overseas on a CCSU-sponsored study abroad program, including courses offered in conjunction with Course Abroad programs, automatically receive “I designation” and count toward fulfillment of the University’s General Education International Requirement (6 credits of I-designated coursework).

Q: What are the expected outcomes?

The CCSU Internationalization Laboratory, an ad hoc committee comprised of over 20 faculty representing all academic schools developed a list of International Competencies (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) for all students to achieve.

Q: Who are the key contacts in the Center for International Education?

International Education Coordinator: Erin Beecher ebeecher@ccsu.edu (860) 832-2043
Study Abroad Assistant: Mikka Tracey st_traceynih@ccsu.edu (860) 832-2041
Course Abroad Program Assistant: Noreen Knortz knortz@ccsu.edu (860) 832-2044