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Program Details

Language of Instruction: English

Required GPA: 2.75

Term: Fall, Spring, Summer, Full Year

Program Costs

Students pay Tuition, fees and accommodation costs to CESP


Erin Beecher
Center for International Education
Barnard Hall, Room 123
860 832 2043


University of Economics

Prague, Czech Republic

University Website


czechThe University of Economics CESP offers a four week summer university basic CESP courses. The courses taught in English include business practicalities, politics and business communication. The program has four courses to choose from and student can enroll in up to three

Academic Subjects

The following courses are offered during the summer program:

The Models of Economic Transformation of Post-Socialist Contries

International Marketing Communications with the Emphasis on Central Europe

European Cultural History and It's Impact on Central Europe

International Security in the Global Environment


Students will live on campus at the University of Economics campus