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Program Details

Language Requirement: None

Language of Instruction: Spanish

Required GPA: 2.75

Term: Fall, Spring, Full Year

Program Costs

Students pay regular CCSU tuition directly to CCSU. Housing and meal costs will be paid on-site in Spain.


Erin Beecher
Center for International Education
Barnard Hall, Rm 123
(860) 832 2043

Dr. Lilian Uribe
Department of Modern Languages
(860) 832-2893

Dr. Paloma Lapuerta
Department of Modern Languages
(860) 832-2844


University of Leon

Leon, Spain

University's Website


The Spanish Language and Culture Program, sponsored by the Universidad de Leon, is located within the heart of Leon, allowing students the opportunity to experience daily life in a medium-sized Spanish city. Located four hours north of Madrid and between Galicia and Castilla, the city boasts many beautifully preserved historical sites.

Academic Subjects

Spanish Language and Culture

Students take Spanish language and culture courses as determined by a placement test taken after arrival. Students that are fluent in Spanish are encouraged to participate in regular courses at the Universidad de León in the Arts & Sciences.


University dormitories are available for temporary or semester accommodation, in addition to individually rented apartments in the city center or family home stays with full board.