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Program Details

Language Requirement: None

Language of Instruction: Chinese

Required GPA: 2.75

Term: Fall, Spring, Full Year

Program Costs

Students will pay CCSU tuition directly to CCSU. Room and board costs will be paid on-site in China.


Erin Beecher
International Education Coordinator
Center for International Education
Barnard Hall, Rm 123
860 832 2043

Dr. Yanan Ju
Communication Department

Northwest University

Xi’an, China

University Website


One of the leading universities in China, Northwest University is located in Xi’an Province in central China. The University has 11 colleges, 33 departments and over 40 research institutes. There are more than 18,000 students supported by a staff of 1,100 full-time faculty. A special unit within the University, The College of International Cultural Exchanges is responsible for the admission of international students into various programs of study at the University. The college also offers both degree and non-degree courses in Chinese Language. The Service center at the college provides accommodation, board, and services to international students.

Academic Subjects

Chinese Language and Culture: Students take a Chinese language and culture as determined by their level of proficiency (ranging from Primary to Advanced).


Students live on-campus in Northwest University residence halls.