Connecticut Commemorates the Civil War

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    Abolition (White)
    African Americans and Race (Childress, Cimbala, Gerber, Dattel, Hawley, Naumec, Proulx, J.R. Spencer)
    Antietam (Berthelson, Ivanoff, Judd, Pavlik, Powell)
    Archaeology (Bellantoni)
    Arlington National Cemetery (Ivanoff)
    Arms and Technology (Cerosky, Hosley, Naumec)
    Art (Bassett, Hosley, Berthelson)
    Baseball during the Civil War (Goldberg-O'Maxfield)
    Battleflag Day in CT (Tryon)
    Batterson, James (Hosley)
    Brown, John (Hosley)
    Burnside's North Carolina Campaign (D. Smith)
    Cavalry (D. Smith)
    Civil Liberties (Gerber, J.R. Spencer, Warshauer)
    Connecticut and the Civil War Overview (Bassett, Berthelson, Naumec, Warshauer)
    Connecticut Civil War Sites (Smith)
    Connecticut Monuments and Commemoration (Hosley, Warshauer)
    Connecticut Newspapers (Berthelson, Warshauer)
    Connecticut Regiments:
    1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery (Powell)
    2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery (Powell)
    8th Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry (Berthelson)
    9th Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry (Keating, Larkin)
    11th Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry (Pavlik)
    14th Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry (Berthelson, Duke, Naumec)
    16th Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry (Gordon)
    17th Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry (Ivanoff)
    26th Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry (Fowler)
    29th Regiment Connecticut Colored Volunteer Infantry (Acri, Hawley)
    Conscription (draft) in Connecticut (Rogers)
    Copperhead Movement (Leone, Warshauer)
    CSS Hunley : The Complete Story (Chamberlain: Defining Moments)
    Curriculum Development (Duke, Galante-DeAngelis)
    Economics (Bailey, Dattel)
    Engineering (Chetwynd)
    54th Massachusetts Regiment (Hawley, Warshauer)
    Flags (Shaw)
    Gettysburg (Bartlett, Powell)
    Grant, U.S. (Lynch)
    Hawley, General Joseph (Murphy)
    Heroism (Berthelson)
    Home front (Bassett, Cimbala, Ivanoff, Keating, Warshauer)
    Lincoln (Gerber, J.R. Spencer, Warshauer)
    Literature of the Civil War (Hager)
    Lucas, Fred (Warshauer)
    Medicine (Bedard, Ivanoff)
    Military--Officers of the Union & Confederacy (Carroon)
    Music (Callinan, Powell, Proulx, R. Spencer, Cracked Walnuts, Galante-DeAngelis, Chetwynd)
    Music-National Anthem (Woodward)
    Native Americans (Fowler, Naumec)
    Navy and Maritime (Bellantoni, Childress, Gordinier, McLean, Proulx, Caroon, D. Smith, Veit)
    Photography (Berthelson)
    Politics and Constitution (Duke, Gerber, D. Smith, J.R. Spencer, Warshauer)
    Prisons & Escapes (D. Smith)
    Railroads (D. Smith)
    Reconstruction (Cimbala, Ivanoff)
    Samuel and Elizabeth Colt (Hosley)
    Secession (Bailey, Duke, J.R. Spencer, Warshauer)
    Slavery and Race (Hager, Littlefield, Warshauer, White)
    Textiles and Clothing (Bassett, Gnagey, Shaw)
    Topography (Chetwynd)
    Women in the Civil War (Bassett, Berthelson, Galante-DeAngelis, Longley, Warshauer)


Thomas Acri, Jr
Thomas R. Bailey
Matthew Bartlett
Lynne Z. Bassett
Dr. Robert M. Bedard
Dr. Nicholas F. Bellantoni
Robert Berthelson
Tom Callinan
Robert G. Carroon
Gregg A. Cerosky
Sam Chetwynd
Byron W. Childress
Dr. Paul A. Cimbala
Cracked Walnuts
Gene Dattel
Kristen Duke
Gloria Fowler
Meg Galante-DeAngelis
Dr. Richard Allan Gerber
Gary Goldberg
Dr. Glenn S. Gordinier

Lesley J. Gordon
Kay Gnagey
Christopher Hager
Charles (Ben) Hawley
William Hosley
Carolyn Ivanoff
Dr. Richard Judd
Ryan W. Keating
Robert Larkin
Julie Leone
James Littlefield
Dione Longley
Terrence M. Lynch
Geoffrey McLean
Kevin Murphy
David J. Naumec
Mary Lou Pavlik
Dr. Walter L. Powell
George Proulx
Owen Rogers
Madelyn Shaw
David E. Smith
Sharon B. Smith
Rick Spencer
Dr. J. Ronald Spencer
Lee Allan Tryon
Chuck Veit
Dr. Matthew Warshauer
Gail White
Walt Woodward