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Naylor/CCSU Leadership Academy

639 Franklin Avenue, Hartford

Naylor/CCSU Leadership Academy (NCLA) is a Professional Development School (PDS), a specialty school with a focus on leadership, life-long learning and the collaborative preparation of teachers and other school-based professionals. Each semester, more than one hundred students and faculty members from CCSU's School of Education & Professional Studies begin their fieldwork at NCLA with an Orientation & Community Walk. This tradition has been ongoing for 15 years. Led by NCLA School PDS Facilitator, Mrs. Nancy Hines and NCLA University PDS Facilitator, Dr. Karen Riem, Teacher Education students learned about the Franklin Avenue neighborhood with their professor, Dr. Maxine Howell on Wednesday, February 8, 2012. From now until May, professors and teachers will work together and CCSU students will assist in classrooms at all grade levels, working with students and families and engaging in projects and activities that support learning for the children of NCLA.

NCLA History

The partnership between the Dr. James H. Naylor School and CCSU began in 1996 and was formalized in 1998. The Naylor-CCSU Professional Development School (PDS) began with a focus on teacher preparation and professional development and has grown into a dynamic learning community in which faculty, families and students collaborate to prepare school professionals, build community and support student achievement. Karen Riem, CCSU associate professor of teacher education, has spent at least one day a week as the PDS university facilitator at Naylor since 1996. Riem said there was an immediate connection between Naylor and CCSU - considering Naylor's neighborhood, history and CCSU's focus on teacher education.

CMT "No Stress" Project

In 2012 Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) students who are also teacher candidates were busy at work on campus and at home making ‘Don't Stress the Test' motivational CMT packets for all Naylor/CCSU Leadership Academy students taking the CMT's. The teacher candidates came from CCSU Elementary and Secondary Education courses. They made and delivered the individual 'star' packs (filled with treats, stickers and words of encouragement) to each child and placed motivational banners throughout the school in preparation for CMTs and to take the nervous edge off the start of these very important tests.

New Britain

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117 West Main Street, New Britain