Past Events

Burlap Festival

The October 2012 Burlap Festival was a magical time! The windows of local establishments were adorned with burlap art. There was a burlap haunted house in the Artist Co-op, arts and crafts at Community Central (amidst the burlap gallery), and so much more! There was even a burlap open-mic that day! The purpose of the event was to use a material (burlap), that would otherwise be discarded, to create beautiful artwork. Omar Coffee was generous enough to let us take their burlap sacks to make the festival happen. Artwork ranged from simple paintings on burlap to giant burlap sculpture! It was a great event with a lot of community and student participation.

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48 Hour Mosaic

In early summer, 2012, Community Central and Professor Butler brought together a large group of community members to create the 48 Hour Mosaic at the YMCA in New Britain. Our tag line was: "48 Feet, 48 Artists, 48 Hours." In reality it was 48 feet, 7 days, and nearly 300 artists. Check out the time lapse video to feel like you were there with us!

University Museum Community Collaborative

The UMC was a biennial event that brought together members of the New Britain community, students and faculty from Central Connecticut State University to celebrate art and community at the New Britain Museum of American Art. Participants are asked to present pieces of artistic expression relating to the chosen theme.

The theme for 2013 was "'A Home of One's Own:' A Project to Support the Mayor's Workplan to End Homelessness."

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A Night for the Children

Artists, sculptors, students, and educators came together with the community to create handcrafted bowls.

In exchange for a cash donation, guests were invited to select a bowl and enjoy a simple meal of soup and bread among other members of the community. The humble meal was an act of solidarity to people who have limited means.

Community Central, School of Business, Art Department, Department of Design, volunteers, and Vance Elementary School students came together to organize a great night!

Garden of Health

In spring 2012, Community Central worked with students from Louis P. Slade Middle School to create an enourmous mural for their cafeteria wall. The students spent time learning about food and healthy eating before painting the masterpiece. The students also went to a sustainable sushi restaurant in New Haven and vistited the Peobody Museum exhibit: Big Food. The Slade mural, entitled "Garden of Health," was a great example of experiential learning.

"Sister Cities" Mural

The Sister Cities of New Britain Mural is the culmination of a year’s worth of work for 3 high school students. Gleidymar Rivera, Jessica Yanez, and Elizabeth Rivera designed and painted the 30 foot long mural to represent the heritages of the sister cities while showing their link to New Britain.

Under the supervision of Oake Meise-Munns, a graduate student at Central Connecticut State University, the students came up with a concept for the mural and sketched it on a poster. They then blew it up and put it on parachute cloth under the supervision of CCSU art professor, Jerry Butler. Once painting began they were joined by local artist Vaughn Downes, who helped the girls paint and change some design elements of the mural.

Homeless Connect 2013

Every year, Communty Central partners with the Mayor's Work Plan and a CCSU Business Management class to host an event for the homeless in New Britain, where they can connect with various service providers from all around the greater Hartford area, get some food, clothing and toiletires.

Halloween BooNanza

Every year, on Halloween, Downtown New Britain holds a safe Halloween event along Main Street. Kids and parents have a safe place to go trick-or-treating and enjoy various, free activities. The CCSU Office of Community Engagement along with Jumpsrtart volunteers pass out candy and host some fun crafts and activities for everyone to enjoy. Check out some photos from past years!: FB Album

Create Here Now - Bridgeport

An unbelievable arts extravaganza took place at McLevy Hall in Bridgeport, CT. It was a night full of music, art, creativity, and inspiration. Together, we can make things happen in our community to draw in tourism and improve the downtown environment.