CCSU Students

To learn more about these opportunities, contact us: or check out our internship offerings!


Community Central offers Americorps Student Leader in Service Positions to CCSU students. Students can earn an educational award for their volunteer time.


Whether you want to volunteer on your own or with your group or club, we are always looking for people to help with our events and activities. No matter how you want to spend your volunteer time, we can find the perfect place for you!

Work Study

If you qualify for Work Study, consider a position with Community Central. We can create a rewarding job for you that takes into account your skills and interests.


Community Central has helped to develop and support several internships for students. If you are interested in a Community Engagement internship, please let us know. We are always happy to help you to find the perfect match.

Gallery Show

If you are an art students (or you just like to create art), you can have your own art show! It is a great way to let your friends and family know what you've been doing, plus it looks great on a resume! If you want to do an art show in our gallery, please give us some advance notice.

Sexual Assault Crisis Councelor/Advocate Training

This 40+ hour certification training is run by certified counselors, experienced professionals, and survivers of sexual assault. Many topics will be covered during this extensive training.

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