CCSU Students

To learn more about these opportunities, contact us: or check out our internship offerings!


Community Central can offer NBHS students fun and unique projects and jobs to fulfill their community service requirement. If you have hours, we can fill them! Let us know:

Have fun

Nothing to do on Friday? Check out our monthly Open-Mic. Bored on Saturday afternoon? Come do some airbrushing or shoot video. Throughout the year, Community Central has tons of fun events and activities for all-ages. Give us a call for our monthly shcedule, or check thecalendar! 203-843-2121 or


Community Central offers free tutoring to high school students. If you need help studying for a test or with a homework assignment, please feel free to come in during the school year on Wednesday or Friday. In addition to school work, we also have Airbrush lessons and Media Literacy class. Both are free! Let us know if you'd like to check out any of these offerings, or just stop by! 203-843-2121 or