Student Wellness Services



About Us and Who We Are

The Counseling and Wellness Center is a department within the Division of Student Affairs. We support the mission of the University by actively collaborating with members of the CCSU community in the process of creating conditions and/or personal attributes which promote physical, intellectual, psychological and spiritual well-being for all members of the university community through our counseling and wellness programs.

We offer counseling to full-time and part-time students throughout the academic year as well as during summer sessions. There is no issue that is "too small" to us. If you have a personal issue or concern about your mental well-being, please give us a call at (860) 832-1945 to set up an appointment. You may discuss your concern to a counselor with full confidentiality. Please visit our What to Expect: Your First Visit section of our website, where you will find information about student intake. You may find valuable information for some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Students may be referred to the Counseling and Wellness Center through a number of sources, including faculty, staff, administrators, parents, students, and other off-campus health professionals. Many students are also self-referred. Counseling is considered a voluntary student support service.

We also hold support groups and initiatives such as The Man Enough Support Initiative, The Africana Center Solutions Group, Wellness Support Group and The GLBTQA Support Group. For more information, please click here.

If you have visited us before, please fill out our Satisfaction Survey and bring it in a sealed envelope to Marcus White Room 205.

Meet the Staff

Student Wellness Services, Counseling
Shannon Jackson, Psy.D., MS Ed. -  Associate Director of Student Wellness, Counseling
William Fothergill, MA, MSW, LPC - Counselor
Gladys Moreno-Fluentes, MSW, LCSW - Counselor
Erin Keeney, MS, LPC- Part time Counselor

The Office of Wellness Education
Please visit the Student Wellness Services, Wellness Education Office for more information on exciting campus-oriented Wellness events and prevention programs.
Jonathan Pohl - Coordinator, Wellness Education
Kate Ayotte - Wellness Programs Administrator, Suicide Prevention