Student Wellness Services



Locating us on Campus

Marcus White, Room 205
You may also find CCSU's Campus Map a valuable resource for locating us and familiarizing yourself with the campus.

From the Student Center:

If you are heading from the Student Center towards Frank J. Diloreto Hall or towards Emma Hart Willard Hall (located at the intersection of Stanley Street and Paul J. Manafort Drive), you will see Marcus White Hall before reaching those academic buildings. Marcus White Hall is located behind the administrative building with the clock tower, Lawrence J. Davidson Hall. You may walk up the smaller stairs next to the light post and enter through the white door.

The Student Center is located behind you

From the Welte Garage (handicapped-accessible):

If you are heading from the Welte card-access garage at the Stanley Street entrance, you will pass Herbert D. Welte Hall and take a slight left. You will then find yourself between the administrative building with the clock tower (Lawrence J. Davidson Hall) and Marcus White Hall. Once you reach the tranquil courtyard, you will see our main entrance. To your left will be a small staircase leading up to an elevator. To the immediate left is a ramp for handicapped persons that leads up to the elevator at the top of the ramp. Once you've reached the second floor, the departmental office will be right in front of you if you take the stairs - or, to your slight right if you take the elevator.

Click here to view a video from the Welte Garage to the Marcus White rear entrance.