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Referral Information

The information provided to your left will help educate you on mental health coverage and referral information. This information is very useful when you want to find an outside counselor or psychiatrist. The CCSU Counseling and Wellness Center is intended to provide short-term counseling, referral and crisis management. If a student needs services that the Counseling & Wellness Center is unable to provide, that student will be referred to other resources. Your mental health support may need to be more specialized, extensive, or immediately available than the services that can be provided on campus.

The Counseling & Wellness Center does not have medical personnel on the premises. If a student is already taking medication or there is some question about the medication, your counselor will work with you and your insurance company to locate a referral source in the community for you.

Additionally, counselor availability is limited during the summer sessions. You may want to independently seek an outside referral for the sake of immediacy. Please follow the links and read the information carefully.

Click here for a comprehensive search engine for locating Behavioral Health Services in Connecticut.

Aetna Student Health 

If you have Aetna Student Health insurance, please click here to login to CCSU's portal.