Student Wellness Services



Central Access and Student Development
Barnard Hall, Room 219
(860) 832-0078

Established in December 2000, the mission of Central Access & Student Development is to assist individuals who are in recovery from mental illness and/or substance use disorders to gain access to educational opportunities, to maximize their educational potential, and to succeed in their chosen fields of study. Our aim is to foster the development of the whole person by promoting educational, personal and career achievements.

CASD aims to promote three major goals: Educational Choice, Access and Retention. We do this by offering educational support services and opportunities for participants to learn more about themselves through individual and group counseling, advocacy and education.

Career Success Center (Formerly CACE)
(860) 832-1615

As part of the educational process, Career Success Center provides comprehensive programs, opportunities and experiences guiding students and alumni in the pursuit of meaningful careers, connecting them with employers and fostering collaborative partnerships within Central Connecticut State University and the broader community.


Learning Center
(860) 832-1900

The Learning Center is committed to provide assistance for all students so that they may reach their maximum academic potential as successful, independent and life-long learners. They offer tutoring programs online and in person, as well as promoting the academic success of all students. The Learning Center is also comprised of Student Disability Services, which provides students with support and services needed to succeed at Central Connecticut State University.

Kaiser Hall
(860) 832-3732

The mission of RECentral is to provide the students, faculty and staff of Central Connecticut State Universitywith opportunities for recreation that encourage personal development, contribute to participant fitness, and improve overall campus life, through safe, quality, educational and enjoyable programs, facilities and services. For more information, please contact the main office at (860) 832-3732 or at


Ruthe Boyea Women's Center
Student Center, Room 215
(860) 832-1655

The mission of the Ruthe Boyea Women's Center is to provide resources, to advocate, to inform, and to support personal development. They offer a wide array of information and services for and about women. They sponsor educational and cultural programs designed to promote gender equity, knowledge of women's rights issues, leadership, and independence. They welcome all men, women, and transgendered persons through their doors.


Student Activities and Leadership Development (SA/LD)
Student Center, Room 201

Their mission is to work to promote a diverse community through socialization and recreation. Students will have the opportunity to interact in the University community through club & student organizations, intramural & club sports and participation in fun and educational events. Join a club, team or organization and make your experience here at CCSU a memorable one. For direct inquires, contact Susan Sweeney, Associate Director of Student Activities / Leadership Development at (860) 832-1991 or at Otherwise, please visit their website.

Student Disability Services
Carroll Hall, Room 246
(860) 832-1952

The staff members of Student Disability Services are committed to providing students with the accomodations and auxilary aids needed to allow students to participate in a rich and varied life at CCSU.

Student Wellness Services, Health Services
Marcus White Annex
Adjacent to the Computer Lab
(860) 832-1925

The mission of University Health Service is to maintain and promote optimum physical and emotional health of the University students by providing quality, accessible, comprehensive, and cost-effective health care. In doing so, they help support and maintain the success of each student attending the University and providing them with life long skills to become a full participant in his/her own health. For appointments, please call (860) 832-1926.