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For information on the Man-Enough Initiative, contact William Fothergill at (860) 832-1639.

The Man-Enough Support Group provides a comfortable and supportive forum where men can openly discuss their concerns, stressors, and pressures related to being a man in a college community. The group will provide a safe setting where men can openly address their own issues while fostering strong personal growth, interpersonal bonds of camaraderie, and mutual strength. The group is open to both undergraduate and graduate male students. 

Are You Man Enough?

  • Improve health factors that will lead to enrollment sustainability.
  • Confront barriers impeding retention and degree completion.
  • Educate the CCSU community about issues affecting college men.
  • Help college men remain engaged and connected.
  • Check out the latest Man-Fact Newsletter.


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If you have any personal concerns about gender or sexuality and would like to speak with a professional counselor, please call us at (860) 832-1945.