E.O.P. Student Success Seminar

(EOP 101 Open To EOP Freshmen Only)

Helps students acclimate to the campus environment during their first year, first semester. Enhances students’ personal, academic, and social development skills to cope with the demands of college life. Speakers discuss academic skills, coping skills, financial aid, and scholarship tips.”


EOP 101

Nicolaus Copernicus Hall 1230PM - 130PM

Place Copernicus Hall, Room 24405

Contact Person Harry Pacheco, Associate Director of EOP

Telephone (860) 832-1903

Office Copernicus Rm. 205

Hours 830am - 400pm

Students will
  • understand the university demands of a first-year student
  • idenitfy specific skills to do well academically
  • identify campus resources
  • plan to participate in campus events, clubs, and community activities
  • describe requirements for their major and general educaton program
  • understand "Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning" (CAPP) or degree evaluation
Discussion Topics
  • open discussion on academic and social issues
  • positive coping skills
  • effective thinking skills
  • discuss Method of Inquiry Program
  • peer pressure
  • healthy body and mind
Grading Criteria
  • Attendance (15 Classes)
  • Tardiness
  • Class Participation
  • Final Essay
  • Note Taking
  • Thank You Letters to Presenters
  • Courteous to Class Presenters
  • Prior Preparation to Receive Class Presenters (i.e., have questions ready to ask)
  • Attend Evening Study hall (TBA)


EOP Fall 2013 Student Success Seminar Syllabus