Our History


We provide a diverse population of first generation and low income students access into higher education by preparing them to meet high academic, personal, and social standards.


Educational Opportunity Program and ConnCAP students will:

  • Strengthen academic, study, and time management skills
  • Establish and strive for career goals
  • Maintain emotional, spiritual, and physical good health
  • Develop self-confidence and abilities to succeed
  • Be motivated to fully participate in the opportunities available at Central Connecticut State University and local communities
  • Collaborate with parents, PAS staff, CCSU personnel, and community agencies
  • Interact with program participants, CCSU personnel, and local community leaders with dignity and respect
  • Attain a Bachelors Degree or beyond
  • Be a productive, self-sufficient citizen

PAS is Synonymous With Access To Higher Education

PAS is in the business of creating future leaders and scholars. It helps provide access and promotes retention for students who may not have had the opportunity to attend college otherwise. Our programs are integral to secure individual success in college, and predicting future success in the community at large.