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What is a Learning Community Group?

The primary goal of the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development (CTFD): to create opportunities for CCSU faculty to share ideas about teaching techniques, pedagogy and professional development. By sponsoring several Learning Community Groups, each with about 5 to 10 faculty and each centered on a relatively narrow theme or teaching strategy, the Center will link faculty from across departments. Studies show that teachers make the most headway with new strategies when they work together with other faculty in small groups then implement and assess new techniques over one or two terms. The CTFD Learning Community Groups will meet throughout the academic year on a schedule they determine and then report about their work at Faculty Day.

How Do You Join a Learning Community Group?

Contact the coordinator(s) directly, or contact CTFD Director Kara Russell at russellk@ccsu.edu.

CLICK HERE for a description of our 2015-16 LCGs, including coordinator contact information.