Curriculum Committee

Note to Committee (Fall 2014): We are currently hiatus on consideration of most curriculum submissions for both courses and programs for at least the first two months of the fall. This is because we are currently revising the entire submission process in conjuction with a complete revision of the online catalog. I will let the committee know when the new system is ready to accept submissions. If you have an item that you think absolutley must be considered by the committee before we have the new system in place, please contact the Curriculum Committee Chair ( and we can discuss it.

“The Faculty Senate has decision-making authority in such areas as curriculum matters, degree requirements, scholastic standards, academic freedom, admission policies, and student behavior.” (The Constitution of the Faculty Senate, Article 2.2)

The Curriculum Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate charged with reviewing and recommending to the Faculty Senate changes affecting CCSU curricula, including but not restricted to course offerings and program requirements (see Curriculum Committee Bylaws, Article 3).


The primary responsibility of committee members is to apply their professional expertise as they consider the merits of each proposal before the committee on each agenda.


The secondary responsibility of each member of the committee is to bring to the committee any changes their department chooses to propose.


An explanation of the curriculum proccess is here: Curriculum Process


Please note that members (or their alternates) must attend every subcommittee meeting at which their proposals are to be considered - missing even one subcommittee meeting will result in an automatic postponement of their proposal to the next round of meetings.


2012-2016 Chair:

Dr. Mark Jackson (
Associate Professor of Biology