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In 2013, CCSU's Master of Science in Data Mining was recognized as a "Best Buy" by, indicating that the MS program has been found to offer a high quality distance degree to a national audience at tuition rates well below the national average.  This is the third time our program has been so honored. 

Explore Cutting-Edge Analytics:  

Predictive Analytics       Text Mining    Segmentation Models
          Neural Networks         Web Mining     Genomics and Microarray

All courses are online!   
All faculty are PhDs in analytic fields, statistics, and computer science.
Since the development of the data mining programs in 2001, CCSU was the first University in the world
to offer an online Master of Science in data mining.


100% of our graduates are employed using their new analytics expertise. 

Four Scholarship Programs!
MS Graduate Scholarship for New Students: About $1300 awarded per year.
MS Graduate Scholarship for Current Students: About $1200 awarded per year.
Graduate Academic Award: $1000 awarded per year.
Larose / Fuller Data Mining Scholarship: $3000 awarded per year.


Data Mining Books by Data Mining @CCSU Faculty

Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

Data Mining and Predictive Analytics, Second edition
 by Daniel Larose and Chantal Larose  
(Wiley, 2015)


DKD 2e

Discovering Knowledge in Data: An Introduction to Data Mining,
Second edition
 by Daniel Larose and Chantal Larose  
(Wiley, 2014)

Data Mining for Genomics and Proteomics, 
by Darius Dziuda
 (Wiley, 2010)

Practical Text Mining with Perl, 
by Roger Bilisoly
(Wiley, 2008)


Data Mining the Web
by Zdravko Markov and
 Daniel Larose (Wiley, 2007)

Data Mining 
Methods and Models
by Daniel Larose  
(Wiley, 2006)

Discovering Knowledge in Data: An Introduction to Data Mining,
 by Daniel Larose  
(Wiley, 2005)



For further information about the data mining programs at CCSU, please contact
Program Director Daniel Larose at _________________________________________________ 


Scholarship and Graduate Award Honorees
Larose / Fuller Data Mining Scholarship
($1000 each)
Fall 2014       Cathy Farrell and Brian Ironside
Spring 2014  James Cunningham
Fall 2013      Tarek Abdel-Azim and Ramin Reybod
Spring 2013  George DeVarennes and Philip Hickey
Fall 2012      Eric Flores-Acosta and Jill Willie
Spring 2012  Jeffrey Richardson and Rick Rountree
Fall 2011      Rajiv Sambisavan and Thomas Wilk
Spring 2011  Jeffrey Allard and Malcolm Houtz
Graduate Academic Award ($1000)
2014 - 2015     Cathy Farrell
2013 - 2104     Andrew Hendrickson
2012 - 2013     Frederick Rountree
2011 - 2012     Rajiv Sambisavan
2010 - 2011     Jeffrey Allard
2009 - 2010     Alexander Bitiukov
2008 - 2009     Thomas Wilk
2007 - 2008     Donald Wedding
2006 - 2007     Senthil Murugan
2005 - 2006     Kathleen Alber
2004 - 2005     James Steck