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  Master of Science Degree

Accredited by the State of Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education.

Details on how to apply to the Master of Science in data mining may be found here.  

All students who have been admitted (not conditionally admitted) to the Master of Science in Data Mining should download the Planned Program of Study for the Master of Science 2011, complete as much of it as you can, and email it to Dr. Bilisoly at

Students who have been conditionally admitted, and have completed their conditions, should notify Dr. Bilisoly at, so that you may be fully and officially admitted.


Master of Science in Data Mining Program Revision and Rationale
Course and Capstone Requirements (33 Credits) 

Core Courses (27 credits)
The following courses are required of all students:

STAT 520       Multivariate Analysis for Data Mining (new course)
STAT 521       Introduction to Data Mining                                    

STAT 522       Clustering and Affinity Analysis
STAT 523       Predictive Analytics
STAT 526       Data Mining for Genomics and Proteomics        
STAT 527       Text Mining                                                         
STAT 599       Thesis                                                                   
Each of the above courses is 4 credits except Stat 599: 3 credits.

 Elective Courses (6 credits)
Choose any two (2) courses from the following list (all courses 3 credits):

CS 570      Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning            
CS 580      Topics in Database Systems and Applications: Data Mining
STAT 455  Experimental Design                        
STAT 456 Fundamentals of SAS                 
STAT 465  Nonparametric Statistics                                                        
STAT 525  Web Mining                                                                            
STAT 529  Current Issues in Data Mining                                               
STAT 534  Applied Categorical Data Analysis (new course)                  
Other appropriate graduate course, with permission of advisor


Program Prerequisites:

Applicants to the Master of Science in Data Mining program are expected to have completed,
 or be in the process of completing, a single course in statistics.


All data mining majors are classified for business purposes as part-time students, with a premium rate.

Students may take up to 9 credits before matriculating.


Admission criterion: Approval of the Department of Mathematical Sciences.
A maximum of 9 credits of 400 level courses are allowed to be counted, as approved by the graduate advisor, on a students planned program.