Daniel Larose Scholarship Fund for Excellence and Service in Data Mining

Scholarships totaling $2000 shall be presented each semester to the data mining graduate student or students who have demonstrated the highest level of excellence in data mining coursework and service to their fellow students.

The academic criteria are as follows:
1. Must be fully admitted to the Master of Science in Data Mining program.
2. Must have completed at least 12 credit hours in an approved Master of Science in Data Mining planned program of study.
3. Must be in attendance at least one or more additional semesters following the semester of nomination.
4. Shall be registered as a full or part-time student in good standing for a minimum of three (3) credits in the spring or fall semester of the academic year of the nomination.
5. Must demonstrate minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.50 on the graduate transcript.
6. Must have received no more than one grade lower than B in any of the following courses: Stat 520 – Stat 527.


Service to one's fellow students will be measured by several factors, including (1) a strong performance as a Graduate Assistant in a data mining course, and (2) proactively assisting fellow students with problems posted to the discussion threads.

The award monies shall not be in the form of cash, but as a credit on the student’s fee bill. Students using the money and then withdrawing from the course shall be required to refund the money to the scholarship fund.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences has agreed to match Dr. Larose's annual donation of $2000 with a further $2000, making a total of $4000 annually available for this scholarship fund, $2000 in each semester. (These matching funds have been approved for a trial period of two years, subject to renewal.)

Note that the data mining program already has the Graduate Academic Award, where the recipient receives about $750. Thus our program now offers about $4750 in scholarships annually.